Campaign Lift

Understand the impact of your media campaigns

Every year, your organization allocates budget across multiple channels and campaigns. You need to continually test new tactics to win customers, but you also have to understand the impact of those investments on sales quickly, so you can decide whether to continue them or course correct. With Nielsen’s Campaign Lift solution, you can understand how well your specific campaign achieved goals and diagnose the drivers of campaign performance so you can inform your tactics going forward. Powered by proprietary data and rigorous methodology, it compares the sales metrics for two groups—those who saw your ads and those who did not—for the most accurate view of the incremental sales lift driven by your campaign.


Our Campaign Lift solution measures the impact of a media campaign on actual sales across digital, mobile, TV, radio, print, outdoor and cross-media. With Campaign Lift, you can understand the incremental impact of a campaign and deep dive into which elements of your campaigns are most successful in driving incremental sales to optimize your future media plans.

It helps answer critical questions about performance, such as:

  • Did my advertising campaign have positive impact on sales?
  • Did my campaign have a positive return on ad spend?
  • What impact did the campaign have on existing brand buyers versus new brand buyers?
  • What impact did the campaign have on my market share?
  • Should I execute this campaign again/more broadly?

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