Nielsen Marketing Effectiveness Solutions

Fast, accurate and comprehensive measurement

True marketing effectiveness doesn’t have to feel out of reach

Today’s marketing landscape is more complex than ever before. To maximize marketing effectiveness, you need to consolidate your data for a holistic view of performance. You need an omni-channel view of consumers across all channels, platforms and devices. And you need to make timely, data-driven decisions that drive the best experiences for your customers, and the best outcomes for your business.

We help CMOs, brand managers and channel owners answer these questions and more:

  • How should I allocate my budget across online and offline channels this quarter?
  • How can I optimize my cross-channel campaigns to meet my conversion targets by audience this month?
  • Which online display creatives and ad sizes are driving the greatest response from my target audiences today?

Unmatched Speed, Data and Actionability

With Nielsen’s Marketing Effectiveness solutions, you get the unmatched speed, coverage and actionability you need to dramatically improve the efficiency of your marketing investments and optimize your team’s impact on the business. With model rebuilds as often as daily, consistently early access to new and influential advertising channels, and a web-based dashboard that reconciles data from multiple models for a single view of performance, you and your team will always have the fast, first and comprehensive insights you need to maximize efficiency and effectiveness across your entire marketing portfolio.

Marketing Mix Modeling

From small businesses to the world's largest enterprises, companies use Nielsen Marketing Mix Modeling to understand past trends, predict future effects of marketing tactics on sales and optimize budget allocation across channels and devices.

Make smarter decisions that enhance your return, while accounting for competitive, seasonal and other exogenous factors that can impact performance.


Campaign Lift

With Nielsen Campaign Lift, you can make a direct connection between the media people consume and the products they buy. We offer the only solution on the market that uses credit and debit sales data, loyalty card data and/or store data to measure campaign performance.

See how exposure to your advertising impacts consumer purchase behavior, including average spend, trip frequency and more, and use this insight to maximize the revenue outcome of your advertising.

Nielsen Marketing Attribution

Nielsen Attribution collects person-level performance data from your addressable marketing channels and devices. Advanced analytic models measure the influence of every addressable channel and granular tactic on multiple success metrics and key audience segments.

With models updated as often as daily, you’ll use near real-time data to optimize your marketing tactics and media spend allocation while campaigns are still in-flight.


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