Plan and Optimize Performance

Do you struggle to forecast and optimize your marketing performance?

Say goodbye to "same as last year"

It’s no secret that marketing organizations are under pressure. You have to meet or beat your goals and carve a path to success, quarter by quarter, year over year. You need to make the most of limited resources and invest in the channels, audiences and tactics that drive the most revenue and growth.

Marketing has grown so complex, it’s no wonder that half of CMOs base their new budgets on what they did the previous year—it makes sense to tweak what’s working. But “same as last year” budgeting isn’t effective. Nielsen can help.


The average percent of media tactics that don't produce a desired KPI.

- Nielsen analysis of anonymized client data covering $2.8 billion in media spend from Jan. 1, 2018 - June 30, 2018

Where success is predictable

At Nielsen, we match the right level of data to the right type of analysis – geographic market or store level data for Marketing Mix Modeling and Campaign Lift, and person-level data for Multi-Touch Attribution – so you can make informed decisions. Learn how a new campaign will impact sales. Pinpoint the combinations of creative, placement and frequency that will drive a desired response. Decide how much to spend and where to invest.

Our Marketing Effectiveness measurement solutions generate actionable insights and recommendations at the level and speed you need, so you can define your optimal media mix. From customizable reporting capabilities to interactive “what if?” scenario planning capabilities, get the comprehensive insights and predictive foresight you need to minimize waste and plan future investments with confidence.

“At a time when our marketing budgets and subscription targets are doubling every year, Nielsen gave us the confidence to scale our investments across the full marketing funnel, including channels like TV that are harder to prove in the short-term. We’re now able to justify when and where we allocate our budget, while maintaining a level of efficiency required of growth.”

—Iain Noakes, Chief Customer Journey Officer, The Economist

Learn how to plan and allocate your budget with confidence.