Assess Performance Holistically

Do you need a holistic view of your marketing and media performance?

Unify your answers without compromising the accuracy & actionability of the models

As a marketer, you need to track the progress of every campaign on every channel and share insights into what’s working (and what’s not). Yet wrangling data from multiple systems can feel impossible to master, especially when privacy regulations, security guidelines and walled gardens are imposing stricter requirements on data.

These obstacles make it easy to default to last-touch measurement and other siloed approaches. But if you’re not measuring every touchpoint on the path to purchase, you’ll spend more than you should in the wrong channels.

Successful marketers turn to advanced approaches such as multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling. Some are even trying to combine the two into a unified model. But unified models are more likely to be inaccurate over time, undermining your performance and making it much harder to find a signal through the noise.


The error rate of unified models that are based on imputed data.

- A Nielsen-led collaborative Digital Media Consortium study covering 4,000 advertising campaigns, 3.6 billion digital display impressions, 300 million digital video impressions & $30 billion in sales.

One source of truth: A holistic view

Our holistic Marketing Effectiveness solutions unify data, not models, so every member of your team can get the fast, reliable insights they need without making tradeoffs associated with less accurate, “all-in-one” models.

With Marketing Mix Modeling and Multi-Touch Attribution results delivered via a single, interactive reporting dashboard, you’ll have instant access to consistent reporting and the level of data you need to support any marketing decision.

“Nielsen’s integrated measurement capabilities and ability to provide data and analysis at the appropriate levels is truly unique. Performance analysis isn’t always cut and dry and sometimes you have to draw inferences from the data. With Nielsen, we’re able to better triangulate that data to make informed decisions in every area of investment, while telling a more compelling story for the business as a whole.”

—Digital & Advanced Analytics Lead, Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

Learn how to turn disparate data into actionable intelligence.