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To win today’s fickle consumers, you need to deliver the coordinated, relevant experiences they crave. Yet most marketers struggle to deliver the right offers to the right audiences, at the right time and place. Can you quickly evaluate the effectiveness of every touchpoint on your customers’ journey? If not, you’re missing opportunities to influence key audiences and take advantage of new and influential advertising channels. Marketing scorecards can help you benchmark individual channel performance, but they don’t give you a picture of the complete consumer journey. You need to know where valuable marketing touches are taking place and how to best allocate your budget across channels to drive revenue and growth. And if you don’t have a fast, consistent feedback loop that accurately assigns credit to each touchpoint, then you can’t respond to changing market conditions and consumer behaviors, or quickly capitalize on optimization opportunities. Nielsen is your catalyst for long-term success.

The amount of digital spend wasted when basing decisions on weeks- or months-old data.

- Nielsen analysis of anonymized client data covering $2.8 billion in media spend from Jan. 1, 2018 - June 30, 2018

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At Nielsen, we make it easy to reach and engage your best customers wherever they are. With our proprietary data sets, extensive partner ecosystem and panels, you can close critical coverage gaps to ensure performance visibility across the broadest range of channels, platforms and devices. Our Marketing Mix Modeling and Campaign Lift solutions uncover key sales drivers, so you can make smarter strategic investments across all channels. Once allocated, our Multi-Touch Attribution solution delivers performance insights and optimization recommendations as often as daily – so you can respond faster with the most effective creative messages, offers and frequency of marketing tactics for each audience, every day.

“Continuous growth in the digital space is rapidly changing the way consumers behave and engage with marketing and media. Nielsen provided us with the marketing intelligence we needed to analyze multiple touchpoints and understand the evolving consumer journey, so we could optimize budgets and drive business results for our client.” —JAMIE HONG, CLIENT LEAD ANALYST, McCANN CANADA

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