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Nielsen solves your marketing measurement and optimization challenges

Ditch delays, errors, and coverage gaps and make better decisions

As a marketer, you can’t spend wisely or prove the value of your efforts unless you understand marketing’s full impact. But with more channels, more data sources, and more ways to measure marketing effectiveness, it’s hard to know where to start. At Nielsen, we understand the marketing measurement and optimization challenges you face every day. Without the proper solutions, collecting data, measuring performance and acting on insights with speed and precision is needlessly complex. Nielsen takes the weight off your shoulders. Let’s take a look at three common measurement and optimization challenges, and how we can help you overcome each one.

How to overcome three common measurement and optimization challenges

Assess Performance Holistically

"I can't get a holistic view of my marketing and media performance."

The wrong level of analysis can make it difficult to see exactly which channels are influencing your customers’ decisions or quickly refine your tactics to drive sales and other desired business outcomes. At Nielsen, we always match the right data to the right type of analysis, so you have access to the right insights, at exactly the right time to support any marketing decision.

Allocate Budget Effectively

"I don't know how much of my budget is wasted on ineffective tactics."

Investing in the right channels and tactics to drive sales, revenue and other outcomes can feel like a guessing game—especially when data restrictions are making it harder than ever to understand the consumer’s path to conversion. Nielsen’s insights cross the broadest range of channels, so you can maximize efficiency in every area of investment.

Plan & Optimize Performance

"I struggle to forecast and optimize my marketing performance."

Defining the optimal media mix for future campaigns can be a shot in the dark. You need accurate reporting and actionable recommendations, but cobbling together spreadsheets or simply adjusting last year’s budget can be tedious, slow and error-prone. Nielsen gives you the foresight to minimize waste and plan your future investments with confidence.

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