Marketing Attribution

Continuously track, measure and optimize your marketing tactics at granular levels

As a marketer, you need to know if you’re spending your budget on the right marketing and media to reach target audiences and drive conversions. But knowing what’s working and what’s not is just the first step. You also need to know what to change, when and by how much—without wasting your time or blowing your budget. What if you could accurately evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing activities across channels and devices, at granular levels, while they’re still in-flight. What if you were able to optimize your efforts, reduce wasted spend and play an active, quantifiable role in driving revenue for your organization? With Nielsen Attribution, you can.

Understand what's working (and what's not)

With our always-on attribution solution, you can measure the effectiveness of your paid, owned and earned marketing initiatives at granular levels, such as by media type, campaign, creative, placement, and audience segment based on the key performance indicators that matter most to your business. Using the most current performance metrics, you’ll be able to make optimizations to your marketing tactics and media spend allocations so you can exceed your goals. All of this is available in a single, web-based interface, updated with new data as frequently as daily.

If your company sells direct to consumers, you can leverage our optimized media plan recommendations to analyze the impact of countless scenarios before spending a dime. With no manual effort, automatically send attributed insights to your agency, demand-side platform or bid management platform to inform their buying decisions. And if you invest in TV advertising, you can evaluate the impact of your TV buys with the same level of granularity as digital—and on a much faster basis than allowed by traditional TV measurement methods.

If you’re a consumer packaged goods company, you can leverage our shopper loyalty card purchase data, which we link to digital exposures, to measure the incremental impact of each placement. You’ll understand what’s working at very granular levels on a continuous basis.

Analyze Your Marketing Performance Down to the Most Granular Level

Our attribution solution collects person-level performance data from your addressable marketing channels and data sources and maps them to a single, anonymous ID. Using a combination of sophisticated attribution methods, it determines the impact of every touchpoint on driving brand engagement and conversions, down to granular levels like campaign, creative and placement. Our solution also calculates the actual quantitative impact of your marketing and media tactics on key audience segments.

To measure the impact of your TV ads, our solution leverages Nielsen TV data to identify and allocate credit to TV for any lift in response over a baseline of addressable channel response activity, down to granular levels such as the network, day part, spot length and creative.



Advanced analytic models assign credit to tactical marketing activities.



Capture paid and owned media insights through a continuous cookie sync to sales conversion.



ROI and effectiveness metrics at the media type, campaign, creative and placement level.



Automated, web-based dashboard to analyze results and provide potential optimizations.



Fast delivery of results allows for ROI based in-flight campaign optimizations.

Start Making Decisions That Pay Off

Stop making the costly mistakes that come from basing your decisions on outdated data. With our current, accurate, attributed performance metrics at your fingertips, you gain a clear understanding of how your marketing initiatives are driving conversions across channels, devices and audience segments, and make granular inter- and intra-channel optimizations while campaigns are still in flight. Our attribution solution delivers the unmatched speed, coverage and actionability you need to dramatically improve the efficiency of your marketing investments and accurately demonstrate and optimize your team’s impact on the business.

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