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At Nielsen, we know that accuracy depends on the speed, quality and comprehensiveness of the data you have access to, as well as what you’re ultimately looking to measure. With our daily digital model rebuilds, consistently early access to new and influential advertising channels, and web-based dashboard that reconciles data from multiple models for a single view of performance, you’ll always have the fast, first and comprehensive insights you need to maximize efficiency and effectiveness across your entire marketing portfolio. When you work with Nielsen, you get unmatched accuracy, coverage and speed to support any marketing decision.



Marketers need a simpler way to understand what’s going on, so there’s been a big push to combine marketing mix modeling and multi-touch attribution into a unified model. Don’t believe the hype. This process compromises accuracy, creating 5X the error rate of distinct models1. Over time, you’re guaranteed to make bad decisions about your spend.

With Nielsen, you can unify your answers without sacrificing accuracy or actionability. We reconcile data from multiple models into a web-based dashboard for a single view of performance, so you and your team have access to consistent reporting and the level of data you need to support any marketing decision—without making tradeoffs associated with less accurate, “all-in-one” models.

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First to Data

The media landscape is in constant flux, creating coverage gaps that make it all too easy to miss out on critical information. Without a holistic view of the consumer journey, you could be wasting 25% of your budget on marketing investments that don’t have any impact on conversions2.

With Nielsen, you can gauge consumer behaviors on even the newest channels. Leveraging our proprietary data sets, extensive partner ecosystem and panels, you’ll be the first to measure marketing performance on emerging channels before the competition crowds in. On channels old and new, you’ll base your analysis on the most observed behavior data available. When you can close these critical coverage gaps, you can fully optimize your spend.



Consumer behavior changes every day. Just when you know what makes your customers tick, something shifts. If you’re basing your decisions on weeks- or months-old data, you could be missing opportunities to influence key audiences—and wasting as much as a third of you digital spend2.

With Nielsen, you gain insights at the speed you need to make decisions: monthly/quarterly for marketing mix modeling and campaign lift, and as often as daily for attribution. By speeding up your insights and optimizations, you’ll keep pace with your consumers and reduce your wasted spend.

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